Dale and Tyler are simply “The Best”. Not only are their skills as master taxidermists unsurpassed but the artistic abilities they have, make each mount uniquely amazing. On top of that they are darn nice guys !!!

Jim Foley Missoula, Montana July 4, 2012

I just counted 29 mounts by Dale Manning from birds flying, flushing, sitting on rocks and fence posts, to a lion skin and big game shoulder mounts. Many racks on shields too. My wife says, “No more” but every time I bring a new one home she gets giddy and helps me hang it! She agrees, this is art!

Monte Turner NBC Montana July 4, 2012

Absolutely the best looking, most realistic mounts I have come from Dale Manning at Custom Birdworks. Dale knows detail, detail that only comes from an intimate knowledge and understanding of each specific animal and its habitat. There are taxidermists in nearly every town, but Dale is more than that, he is a wildlife artist and genuine artists are as rare as a 200 inch Bighorn Ram. Simply stated, his wildlife art is the best I have ever had the privilege to view or own.

Mark Copenhaver Helena, Montana July 3, 2012

Dale is a rare combination of hard-core hunter and remarkable artist, and he brings together both those talents in his taxidermy.

The best example I can give of his sense of perfection is bird hunting. We’ve been on some pretty torturous hunts, waiting hours for ducks to work a spread, or walking miles for a flush. But when a bird goes down – whether by my gun or his – Dale turns from a get-er-done predator to a museum curator, inspecting plumage and straightening feathers, checking for pellet strikes and tending the bird like it was a rare gem. And in Dale’s capable hands, it is, and will be forever.

Andrew McKean Hunting Editor - Outdoor Life July 1, 2012