Big Game

Shoulder Mounts

Elk$1500Open mouth add $250
Mountain Goat$825
  - Shiras
  - Canadian
  - Alaskan/Yukon
  - Bighorn
  - Dall
  - Desert
  - Stone

Want to customize your shoulder mount? Optional shoulder mount add ons.

-Wall Pedestals without habitat add 10%.
-Wall Pedestals with habitat add 25%.
-Floor Pedestal Mounts with habitat add 25%  (plus cost of pedestal).

Bear Rugs

Black Bear
Tan Only
$225 per linear foot
$250 per linear foot
$75 per linear foot

Life Size Mounts

Most of the life size mounts created by Custom Birdworks & The Big Game Connection, Ltd. are custom pieces. The following prices are for guideline purposes only. Life size pieces are priced on a per piece basis depending on size, pose, habitat and type of base.

Basic starting prices are as follows:

Small Mammals$1500 to $2200squirrel, pine marten, fisher, badger
Medium Mammals$4250 to $3500coyote, fox and bobcat
Large Mammals$4750 and uplion, sheep, black bear
X-LargeCall for quoteGrizzly, Brown Bear, Elk, Moose and Bison


We are no longer offering life size turkey mounts. Please call us for a reputable referral.

Turkey Rugsw/ casew/o case
Tail Fan w/plaque$125----------
Small Shadow Box
tail fan, back feathers, spurs & beard
$375call for quote
Medium Shadow Box
tail fan, back feathers, breast plate w/beard, spurs
$495call for quote
Large Shadow Box
tail fan, back feathers, breast plate w/ beard, wings & spurs
$850call for quote

More Information

Habitats and custom form altering will be billed out at $75/hour.

Habitat bases to accommodate glass quoted on per piece basis.

African & Exotic Price List by request.

The final price will depend on your custom mount type, size and selections.